The Cardiac Catheterization Patient Experience

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The Cardiac Catheterization Patient Experience

The Cardiac Catheterization Patient Experience
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Course Length:

  • 37 topics
  • 50 minutes of seat time


  • English

Course Features:

  • Audio narration
  • Animations
  • Progress checks
  • Pop quizzes
  • Final assessment

Target Audience:

  • Medical professionals
  • Medical students
  • Pharmaceutical representatives
  • Nurses


The Cardiac Catheterization Patient Experience is an interactive learning program designed to expand your understanding of cardiac catheterization through an interactive virtual visit to a cardiac catheterization lab, where you will tour the facility, meet the members of the lab team, and observe them in action as they perform a cardiac catheterization procedure.

Upon completion of this learning program, you will be able to:

  • Identify the members of the cardiac catheterization lab team.
  • Describe the basic types of equipment necessary for the proper functioning of a cardiac catheterization lab.
  • Describe the preparation of patients before the catheterization procedure.
  • Outline the procedure of cardiac catheterization.
  • Outline the postcatheterization protocol that health care professionals follow for the care of patients.
  • Recognize the risks and complications that may be associated with cardiac catheterization.
  1. Welcome
    1. Disclaimer
    2. Introduction
    3. Learning Objectives
  2. Virtual Visit: The Cardiac Catheterization Lab
    1. Introduction
    2. Welcome by Dr Williams (Lab Director)
    3. Meet the Lab Team
      1. Attending Physician
      2. Secondary Operator
      3. Nurse Practitioner
      4. Nurse Circulator
      5. Radiology Technologist
      6. Monitor Person
    4. Pop Quiz
    5. Procedure Room and Lab Equipment
      1. Dr Williams
      2. Imaging System
      3. X-ray Contrast Agents
      4. Physiological Data Monitoring Systems
      5. Catheters and Associated Supplies
    6. Progress Check
  3. Brian’s Precatheterization Preparation
    1. Patient History
    2. Pop Quiz
    3. Patient Perspective (Brian)
    4. Preprocedure Briefing (Dr Norbash)
    5. Preprocedure Briefing (Nurse Juliana)
  4. Brian’s Catheterization Procedure
    1. Catheterization Procedure
    2. Catheterization Procedure (Continued)
    3. Catheterization Procedure (Continued)
    4. Pop Quiz
  5. Brian’s Postcatheterization Preparation
    1. Dr Norbash (End of Procedure)
    2. Nurse Circulator (11:30 AM)
    3. Mr. Holmes (2:30 PM)
    4. Progress Check
  6. Risks and Complications
    1. Risks and Complications
    2. Progress Check
  7. Test Your Acquired Knowledge
    1. Summary
    2. Final Assessment
  8. End of Program

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