Understanding the Physiology of the Respiratory System

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Understanding the Physiology of the Respiratory System

Understanding the Physiology of the Respiratory System
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Course Length:

  • 51 topics
  • 60 minutes of seat time


  • English

Course Features:

  • Audio narration
  • Animations
  • Progress checks
  • Pop quizzes
  • Final assessment

Target Audience:

  • Medical professionals
  • Medical students
  • Pharmaceutical representatives
  • Nurses


This learning program is designed to introduce you to the physiology of the respiratory system. The program begins with an overview of ventilation, followed by an explanation of the factors that influence the flow of air in and out of the lungs. You will then learn about gas exchange and how it relates to the role of the hemoglobin molecules. You will also learn about the regulators of the respiratory system, such as the respiratory centers of the brainstem and the central and peripheral chemoreceptors.

Upon completion of this learning program, you will be able to:

  • Describe the processes of pulmonary ventilation.
  • Explain the factors affecting the flow of air through the respiratory system.
  • Explain how gases are exchanged with the blood and tissues.
  • Describe the role of hemoglobin in gas transport.
  • Discuss the regulation of breathing.
    1. Disclaimer
    2. Welcome
    3. Navigation Instructions
    1. Introduction
    2. Learning Objectives
  3. Ventilation
    1. Overview
    2. Air Pressure and Air Flow
    3. Pop Quiz
    4. Inhalation
    5. Pop Quiz
    6. Exhalation
    7. Airway Resistance
    8. Progress Check
    9. Lung Compliance
    10. Lung Volume and Capacity
    11. Progress Check
    12. Respiratory Efficiency
    13. Nonrespiratory Air Movements
      1. SIDE NOTE: Did You Know?
      2. SIDE NOTE: Digging Deeper
  4. Gas Exchange
    1. Overview
    2. Gas Laws
    3. Progress Check
    4. External Respiration
    5. Internal Respiration
    6. Diffusion Rate
    7. Pop Quiz
  5. Gas Transport in the Blood
    1. Overview
    2. Hemoglobin
    3. Pop Quiz
    4. Oxygen Binding
    5. Pop Quiz
    6. Carbon Dioxide Transport
    7. Progress Check
    8. Carbon Dioxide and Hemoglobin
  6. Regulation of Breathing
    1. Overview
    2. Progress Check
    3. Medullary Rhythmicity Area
    4. Pneumotaxic Area
    5. Apneustic Area
      1. SIDE NOTE: Did You Know?
    6. Progress Check
    7. Mechanical Regulation
    8. Chemical Regulation
    9. Chemoreceptors
    10. Chemoreceptors and Arterial PO2
    11. Respiratory Response to Exercise
    12. Respiratory Response to Sleep
    13. Voluntary Regulation
    1. Summary
    2. Final Assessment
  8. End of Program


  1. Is there a way of obtaining a transcript to overview slide content?

    Many thanks

    • Yes! All of our learning programs have a transcript feature built-in that can be accessed at any time via the transcript button.

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